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HISTORY SaferToodyay Inc. (formerly the Toodyay Community Safety & Crime Prevention Association) was first established in February 1999 as the Toodyay Safer WA (Local) Committee and has undergone several restructures over the years. The committee develops and supports projects based on the theme of ''local solutions for local problems' and its membership has included as many as twelve different strategically-focused organisations from within the local community. The resulting grassroots community spirit of cooperation has been commended by government agencies operating in the field. Some of the more recent committee achievements include support to overcome safety issues with the elderly, assistance to strengthen family cohesion, and the encouragement of youth in building their own future.

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In 2002 Western Australia undertook a review into the Structure for Crime Prevention in WA, the result of which was the elimination of the Safer WA concept and the transferral of community safety and crime prevention responsibilities to local government. However, many Safer WA (Local) Committees felt disenfranchised, which led to a new community-run structure – Investing In Communities; in 2004, Toodyay Investing In Communities (TIC) was founded.

By 2008 the TIC committee realised that the Shire of Toodyay was missing out on government funding for community safety and crime prevention. There had been an increase in criminal activity and vandalism, which in turn required more structured strategies to combat the increases.
In April, May and June of 2008 informal meetings were held between TIC committee members, some Shire Councilors, Toodyay Police and the Office of Crime Prevention (OCP). As the Shire were not prepared to run the project, it was resolved that a Community Safety and Crime Prevention (CSCP) Partnership Agreement be established between the committee and the OCP.

On 31st October 2008 an agreement was signed with the OCP to prepare a CSCP Plan for the Shire of Toodyay. The Plan would identify local issues and outline initiatives to address them.
In June 2009 a Working Group was established to conduct the process of developing the Plan. The TIC resolved that this could be done in-house, thus eliminating the cost of paying a consultant for a generic plan which might or might not meet the specific needs of the Toodyay community.
In August 2010 the TIC changed its name to Toodyay Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee; when the Plan was ready for submission to the OCP the name was again changed, to the Toodyay Community Safety & Crime Prevention Association; in March 2019 the Association changed its lengthy name to SaferToodyay Inc.

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SaferToodyay Inc Objectives.

The Objectives of SaferToodyay Inc. are:

  • to provide a forum for community safety and crime prevention;
  • to foster and further develop strategies and actions that will lead to a safer place in which the community of Toodyay can live and work;
  • to oversee the implementation of the Toodyay Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan:
  • endeavour to procure funds from all possible sources to assist with the implementation of the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan;
  • to work with local Police with dissemination of information on issues that may impact the Toodyay or broader community; and
  • to promote the principles and activities of, and to foster and encourage membership in Neighbourhood Watch Rural [e-Watch]

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