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CCTV Register- Frequently Asked Questions.

A CCTV register, what's that all about? Western Australia Police has established a register of CCTV systems within the state. Registration details will be held centrally in a protected database and will be used to map the location of CCTV systems for use by police investigators. CCTV footage is an invaluable tool for investigators and your help is sought to find out where these CCTV systems are located.

Is this a case of Big Brother watching? No. WA Police is simply seeking the cooperation of owners and users of CCTV to work with them. Access will be requested on an "as needs" basis.

Am I giving you access to my CCTV systems if I register? No. Your registration advises WA Police where a CCTV system is located together with other technical details. If we believe that your system can assist us to solve a crime or help in any other way, we will contact you and ask for your assistance.

How will my CCTV system help the WA Police? Still images and video footage are considered to be one of the best ways to prove who did what and when. Images of this nature can reduce investigation time and may also guide police to very swift outcomes. Some images and video may be presented as evidence in court

What happens to the registration information? The registration details you provide are stored in a protected WA Police database. This information remains confidential and is not shared with any third parties

Do I have to register? No. Registration is voluntary

Who can register? Online registration is open to any owner of a CCTV system. WA Police is particularly interested in CCTV systems that view streets and public space (e.g. foyers, entrances, parks, public infrastructure, etc). Only registration of CCTV systems sited within Western Australia is included.

How does the information on the register remain current? WA Police invites you to update your details as they change. An email will be sent to you each year asking whether the information held by WA Police is correct

How do I register? If you have not previously registered with Blue Iris, you will need to register as a user to begin. Go to the login page and click on the Register as a user button. You will need to enter some basic contact information. Once you have registered and logged in as a Blue Iris user, click the New Registration button. A series of pages will appear as you progress through your registration. Simply complete the information fields and then click the submit button. You will receive an email advising that your details have been registered

How do I update my registration? You will need to log in to the account you created when you registered. You should see a list of your previous registrations Simply click on the registration you wish to amend, fill out the information fields and click the Save button.

How do I withdraw a registration? If your CCTV system is no longer active or if you are moving away from it, please notify us by withdrawing your registration. Click on the registration you wish to withdraw, and then click the Withdraw button at the bottom of the edit page.

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